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About us

From Berkeley, California, Dispatches invites you to join us in pursuit of vibrant, incisive thought and the expression of a new sensibility.

Online and in print, we gather an array of original talents—writers, poets, thinkers, scientists, artists, photographers—to explore a central organizing theme in stories, interviews, photographs and more.

We keep a close eye on California, but our dispatchers are far-flung. From Perth to Paris, Oakland to New Orleans, and destinations in between, they report or reflect as the pressure of events or the imprint of history moves them. Our pages offer ample room for the hunger to be all places at once.

Dispatches office during the pandemic
Editor David Reid
Senior Editor Jayne L. Walker
Deputy Editor Sky O’Brien
Managing Editor Marius Sosnowski
Arts Editor Paris Cotz
Design Director Joe Letchford
Social Media Lily Womack
Development Director Lorenzo Lewis
Webmaster Gabe Ferreira
Publisher Johnny Pujol

Founding Editors
Mateo Bonilla
David Reid
Victoria Valladares
Gabe Ferreira (Founding Design Director)

Advisory Board
Josef Chytry
Reuben Gibson
Audrey Marrs
Vijaya Nagarajan

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