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Surgery Lessons
Jamie Aylward
A History of the History of Empire, III
David Reid
Absolutism 3.0
Josef Chytry
Some Los Angeles Dingbats
Daisy Silver
Slow Dancing with the Machine
Chris Beck
A Fragile Seam
Jamie Aylward
Yoel Noorali
The Art of War
Sky O'Brien
Art & Soul
Vero Jacome
The Things He Felt: Leonard Michaels
Jesse Tisch
White Sheets
G. V. Rindborg
In Conversation: Siyona Ravi
Hannah Fagin
Chantal Akerman, Inside and Out
Jamie Aylward
Weaponizing the Woke
Jeff Hewitt
Sympathy for the Devil
Marius Sosnowski
Josef Chytry
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Sky O'Brien
Intervening Screens
Jamie Aylward
We Grew Under the Sky
Cole Hersey
Temple of Images
Marius Sosnowski
Domestic Bliss
Zara Kand
Drowned Cathedrals
Cole Hersey
Issue 3: Art & Artifice
Julian Harake
Dispatches on the Stack Podcast