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Spotlight: Kayla Ephros

Two poems

Kayla Ephros
December 27, 2020

(excerpts from) many many suns

to immerse myself in the natural world

I don’t even know, just

got emo re: ancestors

never even thought of how

I go back through others

because I don’t believe it

today I don’t believe

one single thing

that has ever happened


the moon out the window behind me

I guess the summer feels like life which

I love

the motorcycle on the grass

a sleeping cat

finally slept those extra minutes

on my stomach, the blood

pooling I could

taste it in my mouth


the interpretation police

subjective blackmail

this insane fantasy


full moon is actually today

and I don’t want to choose

anything over party

resist attention but


tomorrow I’m post



watching the nightfall

with puffy clouds

one like a dick

brief neighbor fantasy

I can hardly see the page

I love picking the mint

more $ than work

where was it before

ride bike to dry

mothers day tears


thought about meeting people in PCH traffic

invigorating to see some water damage


those nights when

morning feels like

one minute ago

the bed unmade

just a sharp

arrow to drunk

beach dream with

big hurricane

the cat eats cat grass

I eat papaya

the enzymes on my mom’s counter


the urgency of dusk has me

skipping steps

puzzled by my own drafts

a certain safety in waiting

a circle

for the living

acquired taste

to the point

of no return

you just

lay there by the juniper


in the practice of surrender

while the moon


lowercase fear

just like


“we” cuz

I’m getting


if Longing

would shed itself

like a snake and

surprise me

a long river city

whose architecture

reps desire

and at once


her knee highs

her healthcare

Kayla Ephros is an artist, poet, and educator based in Los Angeles. Kayla is the creator and co-organizer of September Spring, an interdisciplinary poetry residency at the Kesey Farm. She was the artist-in-residence at 2727 California Street where she initiated a weekly, all-ages poetry club. Her most recent art exhibition, New Poems ft. Chimes, took place at in lieu gallery Los Angeles in July 2020.